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“A mom of little boys works from son up, to son down”

Hi! I’m Kristina, the mom behind Two Little Beans & Co.

I began Two Little Beans & Co. after years of sewing for my sons, my little beans! I was born and raised on the coast of Maine and love spending time near the ocean. Brightly colored nautical prints remind me of growing up with my feet in the sand on the many beautiful beaches around the state. I am committed to hand crafting well designed and durable pieces for your babes to enjoy!

My two sons inspire me every day. There is nothing more magical than to see the world through their eyes. They are the inspiration behind Two Little Beans & Co.

Two Little Beans & Co. clothing for kids handmade in Maine Amy True Photography

Two Little Beans & Co. has been featured in People Babies, Holiday 2016 
Down East Magazine, 40 Maine Made Products 
We are a proud member of Maine Made
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Want to collaborate? Email us at twolittlebeansco [at!] yahoo.com

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